The Greater Waukegan Ministerial Association
invites you to express your opposition to a casino in Lake County by filling in the form below. Results will be forwarded to our elected officials. Thank you!
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National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling
Illinois Gaming Board
Stop Predatory Gambling
National Gambling Impact Study
National Council on Problem Gambling
Gamblers Anonymous

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Petition to Oppose Gambling Expansion (11/30/07)

Handy Dandy Gambling Fact Sheet (4/5/07)

Kenosha Casino Can Be Stopped! (5/25/06)
Newspaper Coverage:
Our Letter to Gaming Board (2/13/06)
Our Address to Gaming Board (2/14/06)

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No Casino in Waukegan: Post Card Campaign    (11/26/08)

Official Report from the Gaming Board explaining why Waukegan did not get the 10th License (12/22/08)

Waukegan News Sun article 12/9/08

Waukegan News Sun article 12/5/08

Waukegan News Sun article 12/2/08

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State Gambling Revenue Lowest in 10 Years!
(The Associated Press, Nov 11, 2010)
Why all the fuss?

Handy Dandy Gambling Fact Sheet (English and Spanish)

Gambling Economics Fact Sheet

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